a PILATES "Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit."
— Joseph Pilates
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YELLOW DOOR STUDIO Come and join us at Port Alberni's newest studio on Gertrude Street! FIND US a a a a BACK in Shape An 8-week education and exercise program designed for those who have reoccurring lower back pain or who are recovering from a lower back injury. LEARN MORE a a OUR PHILOSOPHY "Change happens through movement and movement heals."
— Joseph Pilates
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GLA:D™ CANADA GLA:D™ (Good Life with osteoArthritis: Denmark) adapted for Canada 8-week education and exercise program. LEARN MORE a a a

About Yellow Door Studio

The Yellow Door Studio was created by local Physiotherapist, Jane Cruttenden. She wanted to create a welcoming space to encourage people of all ages and abilities to move.

Jane is a firm believer in movement being a great healer and hopes that the Yellow Door Studio will enable people to improve and maintain function.

The Pilates Method is the foundation of the Studio, however it fully embraces other teachings as a way to keep the mind and body healthy.

Physiotherapists study the science of movement. They help restore and maintain people's function, mobility and well-being. Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness making it the perfect partner for Yellow Door Studio.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals”. — Joseph Pilates


Pilates is now a household name and is for everybody regardless of age, gender, size, race, ability or fitness level. Studies have shown that Pilates improves quality of life and is recommended by doctors for overall health, injury prevention and rehabilitative purposes.

Clinical Pilates

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Mat Pilates

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The History of The Pilates Method & The Man Behind It

Born in Germany in 1883, Joseph Pilates suffered from many ailments as a child including asthma, Rickets and rheumatic fever. Determined to overcome these health issues he developed a love for exercise and became a competent skier, diver and gymnast.

He moved to England in 1912 and continued his passion for fitness, becoming a circus performer, boxer and self defence instructor.

It was during the first world war that the idea of Pilates, or Contrology as it was originally named, was first thought of. Joseph was working as an orderely in a hospital with people who could not walk. He tied bed springs to the hospital beds as a form of rehabilitation and the infamous Cadillac was born. In the 1920’s Joseph moved to the USA with his wife Clara where they developed and taught their movement concept, Contrology. In 1926 they opened their first studio in New York and it soon became very popular especially with dancers. As Joseph did not speak much English, he would often use his hands to make corrections. This is a tradition which is still carried on today when teaching Pilates.

Joseph died in 1967, aged 83, after which Contrology was renamed Pilates.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates is used by health professionals for musculoskeletal rehabilitation and injury prevention. It can either be performed on a one-on-one basis or in a small group class.

Pilates Mat Schedule

Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention


Exercises are tailored to each individual’s injury and physical needs.

Enhances Recovery

Performing specific exercises under the supervision of a trained health professional is the optimal way to improve stability, strength, flexibility and coordination following injury.

Pain Management

Exercise has been proven to help decrease pain in people with many different diagnosis’ including arthritis, lower back pain, fibromyalgia and musculoskeletal injuries.

Extended Benefits

Clinical Pilates is often eligible for coverage through extended health benefit plans.

Mat Pilates

Pilates Mat is a contemporary version of Pilates aimed at restoring the natural curvatures of the spine and rebalancing the muscles surrounding the joints. It adheres to the major principles of Classical Pilates, but is distinguished by its approach to postural alignment, exercise sequencing and the use of props.

Pilates Mat Schedule

Five Basic Principals


Proper breathing ensures circulation, prevents tension and enhances focus.

Pelvic Placement

Neutral and imprinted positions stabilize the pelvis and lumbar spine.

Scapular Movement & Stability

Stabilizing the scapulae helps to avoid strain in the neck and upper shoulders.

Rib Cage Placement

Ribcage positioning affects the alignment of the thoracic spine.

Head & Neck Placement

Proper placement of the cervical spine ensures its natural curvature.


The Reformer was a piece of equipment invented by Joseph Pilates when he was working as an orderly in WWI. He realised that he could use bed springs to create resistance allowing patients to exercise at a higher level when they were in bed. Today the Reformer is a very popular form of exercise, it is a great way to enable you to strengthen as you lengthen.

Pilates Reformer Schedule



Pushing and pulling with arms and legs against springs of varying resistance. Eccentric contraction achieves long strong muscles without the bulk.


The reformer is large enough to accommodate full range of motion. The pulley system and carriage allow for a great dynamic stretch.


The sequencing of exercises in a variety of positions connects your mind with your body to improve coordination.


Instability of the rolling carriage promotes better balance.

Reformer Rental

Do you want to work out on a Reformer but are unable to attend a class? Or do you prefer to exercise on your own? If so then this is the perfect solution. You get to use this beautiful piece of Pilates equipment at the Yellow Door Studio at a time that suits you!

Rent a Reformer

The Yellow Door Team

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I have completed two 6 weeks sessions of over 55 Pilates with Caitlin and am eagerly awaiting the start of the next session. As a retired physiotherapist, I have had lots of experience with exercise but no prior experience with Pilates ( wrong era) I have found Caitlin to be a very skilled , patient and competent instructor and would recommend the class to others, especially as it is perfect for the mature client.

Christine T.

I signed up for the Postnatal level 1 series with Caitlin and found it to be exactly what I was looking for. It was a gradual build in strength and intensity while really focusing on proper pelvic floor and abdominal engagement. I also dropped into the Intermediate Pilates with Marta which was excellent. Great focus on detail and a wonderful workout, always with a focus on proper alignment and safety. I am not signed up for a reformed class which I am really excited about. Clean space, professional and approachable instructors and lots of creative classes.

Genevieve R.

I have been attending Stretch classes with Marta and Pilates classes with Caitlin and Marta since the studio first opened. Joining a new fitness class hasn’t been easy for me in the past because I’m working around various degenerative bone changes. Caitlin and Marta are true professionals, recognizing that not everyone simply needs motivation to keep up with the program. They have both been very supportive, encouraging, and have provided personalized assistance to ensure proper body alignment was maintained. I’m now moving on to twice weekly Pilates classes with a new instructor, and I have no doubt that the supportive and positive experience will continue. It’s great to finally be on the right track!

Kathie G.

I started classes in July and i am Now doing multiple per week. I love the supportive environment and the teaching from both Marta and Kaitlyn has me feeling stronger than ever. Love the variety.

Kristine M.

I started a very good class this morning with Caitlin and I thoroughly enjoyed it; she is very knowledgeable and therefore able to slightly modify an exercise to accommodate the needs of an individual. Very nice atmosphere in the Yellow Door; and a nice small class so that Caitlin is able to give individual attention. I am looking forward to my next class and future signups. Thanks Caitlin and Yellow Door!

Pamela W.

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